Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 19

Students recording excavated sections of the ring ditch terminals (Image: Author)

Yesterday we finished our final day of digging at Knowlton and it is safe to say we have had a serious case of last day syndrome.  Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 19”

Knowlton Dig 2016: Days 15 & 16

Excavating part of a ring ditch in our newly opened trench (Image: Author)

Over the past two days we have extended our existing trench over an unusual C-shaped feature and opened up a new trench over part of a ring ditch. Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Days 15 & 16”

Knowlton Dig 2016: Days 11 & 12

(Image: Author)
The western terminal of the northern ditch with its puzzling chalk boss at the base (Image: Author)

The past couple of days have been a tale of two terminals from the northern ditch of the long barrow. Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Days 11 & 12”

Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 10

View of the trench from the spoil heap. The two flanking ditches of the long mound are clearly visible (Image: Author)

Today the main focus on the site has been on part of a C-shaped, curvilinear feature, measuring 10m in length, which showed up on a geophysical survey of the site. Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 10”

Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 8

(Image: Author)
Starting to excavate a slot across the centre of the northern ditch (Image: Author)

Today we began to fully excavate half sectioned features and excavate a slot through the northern flanking ditch of the long mound. Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 8”

Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 5

(Image: Author)
View from the eastern end of the trench looking across the site (Image: Author)

As we draw nearer to the end of our first week it is clear we have made some significant progress on site.   Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 5”

Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 3

Starting to section features (Image: Author)

Today we began to excavate some of the many cut features which have appeared on the site over the past few days. Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 3”