Knowlton Dig 2016: Days 11 & 12

(Image: Author)
The western terminal of the northern ditch with its puzzling chalk boss at the base (Image: Author)

The past couple of days have been a tale of two terminals from the northern ditch of the long barrow.

The western terminal of the ditch has left us all a little bit stumped.  A large chalk boss has been created in the ditch by cutting a curvelinear slot around the base of the terminal leaving an upstanding plinth of natural chalk.  This currently has no parallels and it is unclear as it function however the site directors plan to excavate another slot across the ditch to determine the full extent and character of the boss.

In the eastern terminal of the same ditch a post hole or pit was cut into the base of the ditch. It is unclear as to what exactly the feature is but further excavation will hope to answer this.

(Image: Author)
The eastern terminal of the northern ditch. The pit/post hole is visible protruding beneath the baulk (Image: Author)

Interestingly there remains a discreet lack of finds from the site aside from burnt flint or lithic debitage particularly flint implements, animal bone or antler.

The 3 week long excavation (30th July – 19th August) is run by the University of Southampton in collaboration with archaeologists from the University of Leicester and archaeologist Martin Green.  More detail about the background to the site and its excavation can be found here.

You can keep up to date with all of the latest discoveries from the site here on Facets, by following @Jake_Rowland1 on twitter or from the twitter hashtag #Knowlton16.

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