Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 3

Starting to section features (Image: Author)

Today we began to excavate some of the many cut features which have appeared on the site over the past few days.

The ditch terminals of the long mound are being sectioned and a number of the large cut features on the site have started to be half sectioned prior to their full excavation.

We have had a number of finds, predominantly large quantities of burnt flint however some prehistoric pottery, a few flint flakes and a horn core from a pit have also been uncovered.  The finds have confirmed the features are certainly prehistoric although gives little clue to their form or function so far.

A cow horn core in situ appearing through the fill of one of the pits on site (Image: Author)

We also had Adam Stanford from Aerial-Cam on site today to take some aerial photographs of the trench before we began excavating features.  These photos form a crucial part of the site record and also enable us to more clearly see the relationship between different features on the site.

Aerial-Cam: Photographing the trench using a remotely operated quadcopter (Image: Author)

I must apologise if coverage of the excavation seems rather ad hock.  There is no WiFi on site or at the campsite so I am relying on using phone data to get posts out whenever I get signal.  Tomorrow it is my turn to stay back at the campsite to do cleaning, cooking and some post excavation duties so I won’t be able to cover what is happening on site.

The 3 week long excavation (30th July – 19th August) is run by the University of Southampton in collaboration with archaeologists from the University of Leicester and archaeologist Martin Green. More detail about the background to the site and its excavation can be found here.

You can keep up to date with all of the latest discoveries from the site here on Facets, by following @Jake_Rowland1 on twitter or from the twitter hashtag #Knowlton16.

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