Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 8

(Image: Author)
Starting to excavate a slot across the centre of the northern ditch (Image: Author)

Today we began to fully excavate half sectioned features and excavate a slot through the northern flanking ditch of the long mound.

The slot through the centre of the southern ditch has shown the ditch was created by digging a series of intercutting pits.  The excavation of a slot through the centre of the northern ditch will confirm if it also follows the same pattern of construction.

The slot excavated through the southern ditch of the long barrow. The intercutting pits forming the ditch are clearly visible (Image: Author)

The excavation of the ditch terminals, pits and post holes continues on site with some features nearing completion.  The features continue to yield finds of lithic debitage, burnt flint and the occasional piece of animal bone however very few knapped flint tools have been found so far.

The 3 week long excavation (30th July – 19th August) is run by the University of Southampton in collaboration with archaeologists from the University of Leicester and archaeologist Martin Green. More detail about the background to the site and its excavation can be found here.

You can keep up to date with all of the latest discoveries from the site here on Facets, by following @Jake_Rowland1 on twitter or from the twitter hashtag #Knowlton16.

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