Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 3

Starting to section features (Image: Author)

Today we began to excavate some of the many cut features which have appeared on the site over the past few days. Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Day 3”

Knowlton Dig 2016: Site Background

Today excavations at Knowlton begin so I thought it would be useful to provide some background to the project and what it aims to achieve.  This post summarises parts of the site’s project design (Green et al. 2016) which is currently unpublished.  Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Site Background”

Knowlton Dig 2016: Days 1 & 2

Students trowelling back the chalk surface at the Knowle Hill Farm site, Knowlton (Image: Author)

So it begins!  Excavations have now begun at Knowle Hill Farm, Knowlton with a trench measuring 32 x 25m opened over the site by mechanical excavator.  A number of cut features were already immediately visible through the chalk including the flanking ditches of the long mound, some post holes and pits.   Continue reading “Knowlton Dig 2016: Days 1 & 2”

An Archaeology Tool Roll: Equipment to take on site

The authors baseline excavation toolkit.  See below for a numbered image and contents list (Image: Jake Rowland)

This post aims to provide a helpful guide as to what tools I have found useful to take on site over the years and describes the basic toolkit I take on an excavation. Continue reading “An Archaeology Tool Roll: Equipment to take on site”